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You may wish to use the services of a PR expert to help you with your marketing and publicity, however it is not essential. Here’s a quick guide to help you to write an effective press release


What's important to you may not grab the news organisation. They may be less interested in the product than the fact that it brings environmental benefits, for instance.

News is typically:

  • controversial, new or surprising
  • amusing or funny
  • directly important to the audience
  • confidential or secret - until now
  • linked with famous people or places
  • linked with conflict, romance or mystery

Here's what you do

Most press releases are now delivered electronically. In an email or using a company branded document, write 'Press release'. Then write the date. Put a headline on the left - six or seven words in bold type. The headline will be active, understandable, convey the main point of the story and make people want to read on.

The first paragraph, the introduction, expands on the headline. It concentrates on what has happened or will happen, who is involved and where. It conveys the whole story in a nutshell and its interest and relevance to the readership. It would still be understandable if the rest of the press release was deleted.

Tailor the introduction to the publication - a trade journal is attracted by what a new product can do for its business audience, a local paper is interested in local jobs, prestige or human interest.

Subsequent paragraphs give the how and why - the explanation and development of the terse first paragraph or two - and the when.

A quote from you is essential.

Keep everything tight and clear, with short sentences. Don't make it sound like an ad. Write the release like a newspaper report. Refer to your business in the third person - 'it' not 'we'.

Write 'end' and then name yourself as a contact, with phone and email details. A 'note to editors' can give background or more detailed information.

For more information on this or infact any publicity related questions email or call us on 01394 283 669

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